As the family historian, I named this site Cubbage Genealogy as a nod to my western Pennsylvania Cubbage ancestors who sparked my interest in genealogy almost 20 years ago. I am a New Jersey native, yet feel a strong connection to my Pennsylvania roots as well as my German ancestors. Immigration fascinates me, as my mother arrived from Germany in 1952 and my mother-in-law arrived from Slovakia in 1936. This makes for wonderful family traditions around food and holiday meals!

I started a blog a few years ago as way to share research and stories, and to connect with long-lost family members. This reinvented website is a now an outlet for me to really delve into the stories of those ancestors, beyond the facts, and preserve our family history. It is also expanded to include research about my husband’s ancestors, as well as information about valuable genealogical websites, repositories and other resources.

My (many) areas of interest include western Pennsylvania (Allegheny, Butler, Westmoreland), western Virginia (Bedford, Botetourt), Germany (Baden-Württemberg, North Rhine-Westphalia), newspaper research, family and locality photographs, maps, and records and stories related to our women ancestors.

If we are related in any way, or you have any information about common surnames, localities or interests, please feel free to contact me!

~Laura Cubbage-Draper


Here I am, circa 1978, at Rockdale Cemetery in Penn Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania, checking out the tombstone of my second great-grandparents, James Cubbage and Barbara Black Cubbage. Their pictures hang over my desk as my guiding inspiration.


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